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Thankful for Progress! Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Julie - on Tue, Nov 20, 2012

We have come a long way since our first Thanksgiving!  Just imagine getting up on a cold November morning to go hunt and kill your holiday dinner.  Brrrrr.  I'm thankful to be able to drive to a store and pick up my nice plucked and cleaned turkey!  Maybe yours will be already cooked! Progress is good... in all things!

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Can I Type Faster Than I Talk? A Dragon Comparison

Posted by Julie Lughart on Sun, Mar 25, 2012

Are you reluctant to use Dragon Speech Recognition Software because you are a fast typist?   I know it’s a valid question, because I used to type 90 words a minute being a transcriptionist.  When Pam Gratzer first approached me about becoming a trainer for Dragon Products, I was very skeptical.  However, it does not take but a moment to discover just how powerful this software can be.

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Are You Left Holding Extra Nuts & Bolts With Dragon?

Posted by Julie L. on Sun, Jan 08, 2012

Trying to use Dragon Software without investing in one-on-one training is like putting a grill together without the instructions, you will feel like you have extra nuts and bolts, not knowing where they go and how to use them!  Many customers have tried to master using Dragon on their own, what they find is they can use the basics, maybe 5% of the capabilities.  Leaving them very limited and unproductive.

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