Dragon Law Enforcement

Fight against paperwork... empower yourself by using your voice!

Stop wasting time...


As law enforcement professionals, the communities and lives you protect are precious, and so is your time. Every minute spent on paperwork means less time spent with the public you protect. With police officers needing at least an hour to type a single incident report, and police sergeants spending nearly half of their day on paperwork, these necessary tasks can mean hours tied to a desk, away from the communities you serve. Dragon Law Enforcement is Speech Recognition Software that allows you to dictate ANYWHERE you can type AND it is up to three times faster than typing.

  • Delivers up to 99% speech recognition accuracy
  • Faster and more accurate than ever
  • Create, format and edit by voice quickly and efficiently
  • Create custom voice commands to insert frequently used text and graphics
  • Transcribe audio files
  • Work hands-free 


 Dragon Law Enforcement In Action

Training Packages with Software

dle_wordmark_color.jpg           Dragon Connections Package - Law Enforcement

Dragon Connections Packages provide everything to assure ease of use and simple workflow integration.

We work with all levels of computer users - 
beginner to expert.
For the Busy Professional...
create documents, send e-mails, fill out forms
and streamline workflow tasks!


  • Nuance Management Center for central administration
  • Dragon Professional Group speech recognition client software
  • Optimization services