Mindware Connections Services

Customer Service is our focus

Mindware Connections provides speech recognition solutions to meet your needs and maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction.impossible72

Utilizing Mindware Connections, you have a team of customer-focus individuals with experience implementing Dragon Medical Software in thousands of locations; a company that has aided organizations of all sizes.

Mindware Connections brings best practices to your implementation, saving your support staff and Dragon user's time.  We deliver a proven, streamlined implementation methodology that leverages change management strategies, resulting in the highest level of satisfaction using Dragon software.

See it for yourself...

Often things sound too good to be true.  Until you see Dragon in person, it is impossible to realize it's capabilities. 

Therefore we offer Live Demonstrations of Dragon at your site or via a web connection.  

Our sessions are informal and focused on answering any questions you have and providing insight into how Dragon can make you more productive.