Dragon Education Sales, Training and Support

Mindware Connections Lets You Take Control of Your Administrative Workload and Enhance the Way You Work With Students

Mindware Connections is helping to enhance the document creation process for students and teachers alike. Our speech to text software, training and support solutions, featuring Dragon Professional software enables you to create documents, reports, and emails, by voice to get more done faster and more accurately.

We deliver speech to text tools, technology and training that:

  • Gives you the power of speech to improve productivity and creativity
  • Enables teachers to prepare more detailed assessments of student work through dictation
  • Increases productivity by transforming paper into editable electronic documents
  • Increases accuracy
  • Eliminates transcription cost
  • Delivers a time-management tool to help achieve teaching objectives despite an overwhelming administrative workload
  • Shrinks environmental footprint through vastly reduced paper consumption
With all these advantages, it’s no wonder that Mindware Connections is being hired by more and more elementary, secondary, and post-secondary schools today—with great results. Mindware’s Dragon Connection Package- Professional, is a complete solution that includes installation, training and consulting customized to educator and administrator needs, and includes everything required to ensure simple workflow integration and ease of use.