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Can I Type Faster Than I Talk? A Dragon Comparison

Posted by Julie Lughart on Sun, Mar 25, 2012

Are you reluctant to use Dragon Speech Recognition Software because you are a fast typist?   I know it’s a valid question, because I used to type 90 words a minute being a transcriptionist.  When Pam Gratzer first approached me about becoming a trainer for Dragon Products, I was very skeptical.  However, it does not take but a moment to discover just how powerful this software can be.


- The words are spelled correctly in the software’s vocabulary, so you will not have a spelling error.

- The software knows tense, and forms of words when spoken in a phrase.

- You absolutely speak faster than you can type.

- Thoughts flow more freely when you speak.

- Typing all day can lead to carpal tunnel and/or pain in your hands and shoulders.

- Shortcuts allow you to insert large amounts of repetitive information with one voice command.

- Step-by-Step Commands allow quick voice commands to perform a multitude of keystrokes.

- Spoken Forms condense what you speak, while giving you longer text in the written form.

- Dragon Dictation Box allows the freedom to look at other windows while dictating.

- Also, you can easily speak at 160 words per minute!

Try this quick typing test, it will give you an idea of how much faster you can speak than type.

Dragon Typing Test

So can YOU type faster than you can speak?  

Wanna see MY results?

Julie's Results

I guess I will stick to using Dragon instead of typing!  It's so much better!

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