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Healthcare must be Productive and Efficient to be Profitable

Posted by Julie L. on Fri, Jan 31, 2020

Productivity and efficiency go hand in hand... if you have one but not the other, your business could be suffering.

More importantly, the people you service may be suffering even more.

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How AI in the Exam Room Could Reduce Physician Burnout

Posted by Julie Lughart on Thu, Dec 19, 2019


How AI in the Exam Room Could Reduce Physician Burnout

By: Michael Ash, Joe Petro and Shafig Rab

November 12, 2019


A surge of new healthcare products from wearable consumer health trackers to diagnostic algorithms promising to improve medical outcomes and costs with artificial intelligence (AI) is prompting physicians and hospital executives to ask a fundamental question: "Are these technologies solving the right problems?"

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Posted by Julie Lughart on Mon, Aug 26, 2019

Price reductions are rare... and this is an extraordinary opportunity! Now if you purchase Dragon Medical One you not only have access to this incredible software, but you receive PowerMic Mobile included in your subscription - a $240/year savings! This lets you use your smartphone as a microphone!

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3 Ways to Fight "Note Bloat"

Posted by Julie Lughart on Mon, Jun 24, 2019

Physicians work tirelessly trying to provide their patients with the best possible care. The physical exam is just the start. Keeping up with patient history and taking care to enter accurate updates to the patient record can be critical for patient health. That is why "Note Bloat" has become such a problem today.

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Do You Know Your Patient's Expectations?

Posted by Julie Lughart on Tue, Jan 29, 2019

A friend of mine recently moved to California and was telling me about her experience visiting a designated doctor on her insurance plan. She was forced to wait over an hour to see the doctor and then felt like she had gone back in time, like some sort of twilight zone, because the doctor was using a paper chart. WOW!

That is two strikes against the outdated doctor and additionally for the insurance program that lists this doctor! It is 2019 and the doctor was paper charting? Could that be part of why my friend had to wait so long to see the physician. Her reaction? "I am not going back there!"

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4 Ways Dragon Medical Software Optimizes Workflow

Posted by Julie - on Tue, Sep 18, 2018

Physicians today face many challenges. 

Burnout, time demands, growing patient lists, third-party payer interference in patient care, costs and many other factors make optimization of their workflow even more important than ever.  With so many tasks to accomplish in a day, technology options are important.  New technology can greatly improve the way we work and ultimately, the time we spend with patients.

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4 Ways Speech Recognition Technology Improves Police Efficiency, Safety

Posted by Julie - on Tue, Jul 31, 2018

Speech recognition technology is providing improvement in productivity and helping to prevent burnout in many different fields of service.  This blog by Ed Davis offers great insight into technology and how it is helping law enforcement today.  Click on the links for some interesting information on how you can make life better for our law enforcement professionals...

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Mindware Connections' Inaugural WNY Physician Collaborative

Posted by Julie - on Fri, Apr 27, 2018

Mindware Connections' Inaugural Western New York Physician Collaborative held at Irondequoit Country Club Tuesday evening focused on Physician Burnout and how Technology can help alleviate issues.    Dr. Jeanne DelSignore spoke on the importance of embracing training on technology before using it. Learning and understanding the EMR system being used, along with technology, like Dragon Medical Software, is what enables her to quickly add patient notes and allows her to have a solid and efficient workflow. She also informed her colleagues that when you take the time to create templates within the Dragon Medical Software your efficiency will be maximized.

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Keep Your Hands Off the Keyboard, and Let Your Voice do the Typing

Posted by Julie - on Wed, Dec 06, 2017

Have you purchased an Amazon Echo or a Google Home?  Do you speak your text messages and emails on your phone?  If you answered yes you are probably starting to see how much easier it is to speak instead of type.  According to Business Insider, the total number of people using voice-activated assistant devices will reach 35.6 million this year, and that number is still climbing. As more and more people adopt this technology, the benefits both personally and professionally become very clear.

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Three Tools To Help Navigate MACRA - MIPS & APMs

Posted by Julie - on Thu, Oct 26, 2017

Are there enough acronyms in that title? WOW… healthcare today requires knowledge of its Alphabet Soup and a lot of deciphering of the requirements. However, one thing we know for sure is having the right tools and accurate clinical documentation is critical to obtaining reimbursement. Overwhelmed? Here are three tools to help in your success: 
  1. Dragon Speech Recognition Software
    Don’t waste time typing. Getting trained in the expedience of Dragon software will have you updating EHR measures in no time. This allows you more time to provide quality care to your patients. Schedule a DEMO to see how effectively Dragon works in all applications.
  2. Helpful Acronym Definitions

    MACRA – Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act
    HHS – Health and Human Services
    QPP – Quality Payment Program
    MIPS – Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (Replaces the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula)

  1. Quality – Replaces Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) Requires reporting on six quality measures, or one specific or subspecialty specific measure set.
  2. Clinical Improvement Activities – New Category - Four medium weighted or two high-weighted activities to receive full credit.
  3. Advancing Care Information – Replaces Meaningful Use (MU) Using Certified Electronic Health Record Technology (CEHRT) report on five required measures.
  4. Cost – Replaces the Value-Based Modifier (Will be calculated in 2017, but will not determine payment adjustment until 2018.)
  1. APM – Alternative Payment Model
    AAPM– Advanced Alternative Payment Mode
    EC – Eligible Clinician
    ACI – Advancing Care Information

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