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Prevent Physician Burnout - New Study

Posted by Julie Lughart on Tue, May 04, 2021

HIMSS and Nuance recently did a survey of over 400 doctors and nurses in ten differentburnout-889112838_900x female countries to take account of the pressures clinicians are feeling and what they think can be done to alleviate the factors pushing them to their limits.  The study found that burnout is an almost universal experience for clinicians. "98% of those who participated in Nuance and HIMSS' online survey said they had experienced feelings of burnout." with 88% saying that COVID-19 had exacerbated the issue, says Dr. Simon Wallace. However, burnout does not have to be the end result for clinicians.

In a single consultation, usually expected in a ten minute timeframe, clinicians are faced with many challenges such as: delivering consistent quality care, accurate record keeping, filling treatment and administrative gaps, and patient expectations. These challenges alone are stressful, so it is important to understand the outcomes this study showed for factors contributing to stress and overload.

Contributing to stress and overload:

-Documentation and administration

-Heavy Workload & time pressure

-Unpredictability of workday

-Inefficiencies of documentation

-Inefficient processes

The study also asked clinicians what could be done to alleviate or prevent burnout. This insight is valuable to receive from the clinicians actually feeling the stress.

Factors presented that prevents clinician burnout:

-Efficient administrative processes

-Collaborative leadership style 

-Technology that eases administrative duty

-Reliability of workplans

-Work-Life Balance

A link to the white paper detailing the study is provided at the bottom of this blog. The study concludes with action points for reducing clinician stress providing: the full list of factors that drive and prevent burnout - according to clinicians across the world, research into the impact of COVID-19 - including data on the use of remote consultations, and insight into new technologies that promise to lighten clinician loads.

Click Here for the White Paper "From overload to burnout: What clinicians think"



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