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3 Ways to Improve Accuracy with Dragon Speech Recognition Software

Posted by Heather Gillenkirk on Sat, Mar 10, 2012

If you're wondering how to increase accuracy with your Dragon Speech Recognition Software, stop saying "Scratch That," and  try these three easy steps:

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Dragon Software Support: Shut Down Computer = Changing Your Oil!

Posted by Julie L. on Sat, Feb 25, 2012

After I bought my first car, my dad would always say,                                           “Make sure you get your oil changed!”  I used to think, how important can that really be?  Come to find out, it’s pretty important.  Yep… did you know your car can end up in junkyard heaven if you don’t check your oil!  Unfortunately, I do now!   There are a few things like that in life we ought to keep in mind;  regular dental hygiene, annual physicals, and doing a complete shutdown on the computer once in a while.

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