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3 Ways to Improve Accuracy with Dragon Speech Recognition Software

Posted by Heather Gillenkirk on Sat, Mar 10, 2012


If you're wondering how to increase accuracy with your Dragon Speech Recognition Software, stop saying "Scratch That," and  try these three easy steps:

Calibrating Microphone-

If you have had a change in the level of noise in your environment, or you unplugged your audio device, simply recalibrating the microphone can make a significant difference in accuracy.

Cleaning out garbage words-

Erroneous words can build up in the vocabulary editor.  To clean out your garbage words, click 'Vocabulary'/'Open Vocabulary Editor' (or Words - View/Edit in some versions) and then select 'Custom Words Only' in the drop down under 'Display'.  If you see any erroneous words, simply delete them. 

Adding words/training words in the vocabulary editor-

If you are constantly typing the same word into your document because Dragon didn't recognize it, you should see if that word is listed in Dragon's vocabulary.  Some words may not be in the vocabulary, and others may just need additional training. 

Just type the word in the Written Form Box.  If the word is in the vocabulary, click 'Train', click 'Go' and say the word.  If the word is not listed in the vocabulary, click 'Add' first and then 'Train'/'Go' . 

Important tip: Repeat step of clicking Go and speaking the word - do this 3 times.

Your Dragon Speech Recognition Software Voice Profile may be very good already.  However, taking a few minutes to go through these simple steps will save you time in the long run!

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