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Addressing Doctors' Needs for Digital Technology

Posted by Julie Lughart on Tue, Jan 05, 2021

Digital Technology in Healthcare

In the last ten months the health community has been forced to move to digital health technologies. The coronavirus pandemic has caused an explosion in telemedicine, remote patient monitoring and management, wearable medical devices, predictive analysis and other digital technology to care for patients in the absence of face-to-face meetings. Now more than ever it is important to listen to the needs of our healthcare community in order to bridge the gap between doctors and patients.  

According to Research and Markets, the global Digital Health market may see a spike as much as 37.1% growth this year and will continue to grow to become a $508.8 billion dollar business by 2027. To succeed in this area, medical technology developers must understand the needs of the healthcare workers using the technology. Healthcare provider's many responsibilities including scheduling, appointments, patient notes, billing, Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits, training on new technology, and more make it imperative that the technology they use be efficient, easy to use and profitable. See this informative article (link here) to put you on the path to what doctor's really need.

Technology is growing in leaps and bounds since the start of COVID-19 and will be here to stay well after this pandemic ends. Updating technology and creating new technology must be done with the user's needs at the forefront of development.

If you are a healthcare provider, let us know what YOU need in our current time of COVID-19.

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