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Training Your Dragon No Longer Drags On

Posted by Julie Lughart on Tue, Mar 20, 2012

Doctor using DragonI recently presented a demonstration of Dragon Medical Practice Edition to a doctor of a private practice who had used a previous version of Dragon.  She had indicated that seven years ago, the software was extremely difficult to train and took up a lot of her time.  Her experience was so traumatic, that while I dictated in front of her, she could not believe the accuracy of the software.  She was so surprised, that she remarked, “Well, you must have spent a lot of time training this profile.”  To her dismay, I had just created the profile about 4 hours before arriving at her office.

I love people like this!  Why?  It’s fun to see their reaction when they finally realize how advanced the software has become.  She was no exception.  Having an Indian accent, I challenged her to try the software without creating a customize profile for her voice.  Ofcourse, a profile specifically customized to the user will always impart more accuracy, I wanted her to see that the software has improved significantly.  So, I created a untrained profile, had her dictate, and her jaw dropped!  It was a fun demo.  She called in a co-worker to exclaim how accurate the software was.  She kept trying it over and over and kept smiling in disbelief that her words were coming out exactly as she had spoken them.  Gone are the days of hours of training words. 

Needless to say, she is on her way to begin using Dragon for all her dictation needs!

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