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6 Tips for Speaking Using Dragon Speech Recognition Software

Posted by Julie L. on Mon, Mar 05, 2012

If our type looked the way some of us speak, our notes might look pretty pathetic.  Just imagine:  I would liiiiiiiiiiiike toooooo um take     a     vacation to aaaaaaaaaaaa beautiful       beach           sometime. 

Fortunately, Dragon Speech Recognition Software cuts us some slack and does a great job of ignoring some of our poor speaking habits.  However, if you are one of those people getting some extra words or an extra ‘s’ after a word, you might want to play back how you are speaking and see if there is anything you can do to improve.

Here are some hints:Speak like a newscaster

Articulate your words.  Speak the way a newscaster reads the news.  Speak clearly, evenly, and with a normal tone of voice.

Never speak one word at a timeDragon Software works best by putting words in context.  When it hears a phrase, it can tell the meaning of what a user wants to say.  When it hears words together it knows the difference between the punctuation (:) or the word colon.  It is also how it knows when you want use either to or too or two.  If the software doesn’t hear words together, it has a harder time deciphering what the speaker wants on the page.

Avoid um, ah, uh, or other non-sensical additives.  Let’s face it, we learned this in our elementary English classes and college public speaking courses.  It’s a bad habit anyways… maybe Dragon can help you break it!  

Don’t stretch out your words.  Sometimes we trail on a bit while we are thinking of the next thing to say.  This tends to show up as an ‘s’ or ‘es’ at the end of a word or sometimes as another word at the end of what we said.

Mumblers Not Allowed.  If people are always asking you to repeat yourself because you mumble, Dragon will do the same.  Try to articulate your words and speak clearly.

Consistent Tone.  Speak at a consistent tone of voice.  Changing the tone of your voice only confuses the software.

To sum it all up, speak clearly and in a normal tone of voice for your best Dragon experience!

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