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Happy Accents- Dragon "Speaks" Your Language!

Posted by Heather Gillenkirk on Fri, Feb 03, 2012

Do you have an accent? Do you often hear that others have trouble understanding what you are saying, despite the words being the same? No need to fear when you use Dragon!

If you are interested in Dragon software, but never thought that it would work for you because you have an accent, you are in luck. Dragon can be customized to accomodate your accent! Dragon will constantly get better at its' understanding as you use it to train how you say words and phrases.Accent

Currently, Dragon software can create profiles that work with the following accents:

  • Standard
  • Australian accented English
  • British accented English
  • Indian accented English
  • Inland Northern US (Great Lakes)
  • Pakistani accented English
  • Southeast Asian accented English
  • Southern US
  • Spanish accented English

If your accent is not found in this list, there are two options:

First and often, there actually may not be a need to select an accent as Dragon will be able to understand you without one having been chosen.

Second, you may be able to select an accent similar to your own that will help Dragon anticipate your accent.

If you are unsure whether to select Standard accent, or to select a similar accent to yours, begin your training using Standard accent. Dragon will adapt to your voice as you speak and train the software.


Make your friends jealous and show them how easy it is to have Dragon "speak" for you!


Now, if only it were that fast and easy for all of us to learn another language!

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