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Dragon Medical Practice Edition Enhances Meaningful Use

Posted by Julie - on Mon, Jan 21, 2013

Dragon saves time!Dragon Medical Practice Edition is an excellent tool in helping providers to meet Meaningful Use requirements.  The truth is, it helps make entering patient notes less time consuming. lists the criteria for meeting requirements, how you choose to meet them is up to you. 

Out of the hundreds of doctors I have trained on Dragon Medical Practice Edition, I don't ever remember even ONE of themClicking is slow! preferring clicking on numerous buttons to simply speaking their dictation.  Clicking takes up a lot of time.  Dragon, on the other hand, enhances the EHR experience by making it easy to capture the important narrative which is unique to each patient visit, allowing a provider to focus on the patient.  For instance, a patient may come in with multiple problems, let's say, Hypertension, Diabetes and Sore Throat.  You can click or use Dragon to select/create a problem list and then you would use Dragon to dictate the detail behind your assessment and plan.

In addition to speeding up the EHR process, Dragon also allows providers to create more meaningful patient notes, providing better quality healthcare.  As a patient, I hope my patient note for a herniated disc includes personal details of how it happened and what's been done in the past to treat it.  It should not look exactly the same as my neighbor's record.  Each patient is an individual, not a cookie cutter.

We are moving toward patient-centered healthcare.  As a provider, the task can be overwhelming.  The requirements that must be met to meet Meaningful Use do not prohibit Dragon Speech Recognition Software.  It is up to you how you record the information.  Why not make it easy and just speak?

For more information on Meaningful Use visit the following websites:

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