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Dragon Medical Training or EMR Training?

Posted by Julie - on Sat, Apr 07, 2012

Which comes first?  The Chicken or the Egg?

Dragon or EMRYou have chosen an EMR and you see the value that Dragon Medical Software will have for entering patient notes into the system.  Do you train on the EMR first or learn Dragon Speech Recognition Software first?  Age old question, the chicken or the egg?  Well, one thing is for sure, if you train on both at the same time, you could end up with scrambled eggs and be like chickens running around with their heads cut off! 

It has been my experience that providers adapt better when they are fully trained on their EMR first.  The bottom line is that this gives them a practical use for using Dragon.  This way, when they are trained on Dragon, they can get started using their voice to speak their notes immediately. 

Does this mean you cannot train on Dragon Medical first?  Absolutely not.  If you are currently using paper charts, immediate Dragon training can provide a faster, simpler,Dragon Medical Click Here.25p resized 600 more professional workflow for a patient’s health record to be documented. Transitioning into an EMR then becomes even easier - simply speak, instead of typing or clicking.  You will be better prepared to implement the EMR to utilize Dragon the most efficient way for your workflow.

Either way, the objective is ease of use for both Dragon Medical and the EMR - without being overwhelmed.  

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