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Dragon Software Support: Shut Down Computer = Changing Your Oil!

Posted by Julie L. on Sat, Feb 25, 2012

After I bought my first car, my dad would always say,                                   shutdown        “Make sure you get your oil changed!”  I used to think, how important can that really be?  Come to find out, it’s pretty important.  Yep… did you know your car can end up in junkyard heaven if you don’t check your oil!  Unfortunately, I do now!   There are a few things like that in life we ought to keep in mind;  regular dental hygiene, annual physicals, and doing a complete shutdown on the computer once in a while.

Dragon alleviates frustrationI know your computer is not as important as your health, but so many people could avoid stress and frustration if they could just shut down their computer once a week.  The computer begs us to do this.  It may not actually say, “Please turn me off, I need to refresh or clean myself up!”  However, it speaks to us in different terms;  perhaps the software that worked fine yesterday, suddenly starts pausing or locking up; maybe messages pop up that you never had to deal with; or do you find yourself saying things like, “THIS COMPUTER IS SO SLOW!”  

Doing a logoff or a restart is not the same thing as completely shutting off your computer!  That’s kind of like adding a bottle of oil to a leaking oil reserve, or swishing a little mouthwash instead of brushing your teeth.  The best way to get the most out of your software is to turn the computer totally off, completely powered off.  In other words, you have to press a button to start it up again.

Dragon software uses a lot of RAM in a computer, so occasionally we get calls regarding the software misbehaving, when really the computer just needs to be shut down. 

As with everything, being proactive is better than being reactive. 

It may be a little inconvenient, but it’s an easy thing to do…  so is getting an oil change!

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