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3 Areas of Ever Changing Technology

Posted by Julie - on Fri, Aug 04, 2017

Technology around female head.jpegJust 50 short years ago, we didn't have computers, cordless tools, or a microwave... those things were being developed, but they weren't household items for everyone.  It is amazing how fast technology develops and crosses all fields of knowledge!  Keeping up with emerging technologies can provide ease in your everyday life and put you a step ahead of your competition in your business.  Here are examples of just three areas where technology is moving forward.


Cell Phones

They started out as big, huge boxes about the length of your forearm just to make a phone call.  Now, we can hold one in the palm of our hand having any information we need at our fingertips.  It’s a tiny computer that we usKeypad on arm.jpge for GPS, instant messaging, retrieving and sending emails, making notes, and more – most of which we can command with voice recognition technology!  Using our voice with our phones is growing because it provides ease of handsfree use and is very accurate.  It may become the primary way we use our phone if plans to embed the phone in your head, hand or arm really comes to pass in the future.

Digital Music

We used to walk into a record store and cross our fingers that the new album we wanted wasn't sold out.  Today, we can choose to buy an entire album or just certain songs and download it anytime we want!  And with the internet, we have access to so many more artists and genres of music.  Streaming is becoming ever more popular and may prove to be the way of the future displacing digital downloading.


When the television first came out in the early 1900’s, the screen was fuzzy, black and white, and very small.  Now manufacturers are trying to outdo each other all the time from Ultra HD to High Dynamic Range(HDR) with screens the size of a small wall. Sitting in your home theatre can be almost as good as the real thing.

Smart Homes

Developers have created smart homes where a homeowner can control electrical items in their house by voice or remotely with their phone or computer.  Forgot to turn the heat down before you left the house?  No problem!  You can lower your home thermostat from anywhere now.  Technical advances like this save us time and money and cut down on household costs.  Voice recognition software helps control these devices, providing ease of use and time saving.


CAT Scans, MRI’s & Sensors

Doctors used to have to guess at what was going on in our bodies.  Now they rely on CAT Scans, MRI’s, X-Rays and more to make a proper diagnosis.  Patients wear monitors in the comfort of their own home. Robots perform more precise surgery. Can you imagine if the only way to see what was going on inside was to cut open a body?  These technologies are saving more lives than ever.

Ability to grow organs from stem cellspetri-dishes-of-scaffolds.png

This new technology will be a life saver for many, as scientists have recently been able to grow full-sized, beating human hearts.  Scientists are making ground growing many types of organs from ears to kidneys.

Electronic Medical Records

Over 86% of office based physicians are now using EHR's according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  This technology allows physicians to have important patient information at their fingertips.  In the event of an emergency, a physician can quickly determine if a patient has an allergy to a medication or a history of a particular disease.  It makes life saving decisions much easier than trying to find a paper file on a patient who may not be able to respond.  In addition, a physician can allow access to another physician if a patient is in trouble in another state.  EHR's also benefit all in general by providing reports from information gathered within the entire system, finding out generalities with certain diseases, or area of outbreaks.


Artificial Intelligence

IBM's Watson "ROSS" is artificial intelligence giving lawyers an edge on competition by answering questions, computing hypotheses, and looking up current law in the legal system quicker than a human can, providing critical information within minutes.  Artificial Intelligence is becoming more popular across many fields giving users a great benefit over reading through stacks of paper and researching information for hours.  Once AI is loaded with the information for the field of study, it is able to provide information at the asking of a question. AI like ROSS is already employed in law firms across the country.

DNA Testing

How many criminals would still be on the streets and how many innocent men would still be behind bars without DNA testing?  We have heard stories of DNA convicting a person. Without it, many a criminal would still be walking the streets.  However, DNA is also being used to correct wrongs where innocent people have been wrongfully convicted. According to the Innocence Project's website, they have had 350 DNA exonerations in the 25 years they have fought for justice.  That's 350 men or women who have sat in a prison cell for years for something they did not do.  Can you imagine? Some might have been put to death - though INNOCENT. This technology effects all of us, for you might not know if you will be wrongfully accused someday.

Automated Injury Detection Vests

Automated Injury Detection device high-tech fabric with sensors recognizes when the vest has been shot or knifed thru, allowing the officer the best chance at survival.  The vest automatically calls emergency numbers with officer identity, location with GPS coordinates, location of hit and any preloaded info like blood type and allergies.  Truly life-saving!


New technology is endless.  It has made our lives easier, saved lives and brought justice.  It will be interesting to see what the future holds!





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