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Mindware Connections’ on-site speech recognition training makes it easy!





Mindware Connections is a leading provider of proven, individualized onsite speech recognition software training for our Dragon Naturally Speaking medical, legal, insurance and government clients. We incorporate two separate one-on-one sessions designed to establish a clear familiarization with the products and program you select. Within the first two-hour session we:

  • Teach your computer to recognize your voice, speech vocabulary and dictating style
  • Instruct on the key fundamentals of Dragon software
  • Adapt and customize the program to your learning style
  • Identify your unique workplace characteristics and workflow to customize Dragon to maximize your productivity

 The second session is one-hour training where we:

  • Review and assess your use of Dragon
  • Make suggestions for additional productivity improvements
  • Provide coaching and instruction for advanced features

Our training and support program is designed to minimize the customer’s time to become highly effective using Dragon software and be productive with all types of documentation.

Here is what a healthcare provider customer said following the initial training session:

 “It was a real pleasure working with you today learning the ins and outs of Dragon. You've made the experience fun and instructive. I am looking forward to using this remarkable tool to make me a better physician. You have given me a sense of confidence in using Dragon.”