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4 Ways Dragon Medical Software Optimizes Workflow

Posted by Julie - on Tue, Sep 18, 2018

Physicians today face many challenges. Doctor Dictating with Dragon Medical & Powermic

Burnout, time demands, growing patient lists, third-party payer interference in patient care, costs and many other factors make optimization of their workflow even more important than ever.  With so many tasks to accomplish in a day, technology options are important.  New technology can greatly improve the way we work and ultimately, the time we spend with patients.

Here are 4 Ways that Dragon Medical Software will optimize workflow:

Faster Notes

Dragon Medical software allows physicians to easily add patient history to their note.  By simply pressing a button and speaking, the note can be clearly dictated into an EHR allowing the doctor the ability to add specifics for the patient.  Point and click notes do not allow for this and sometimes trying to find the next point to click can take longer than speaking. In addition, Dragon technology allows you dictate in your office, in a clinic, in a hallway, even in front of your patient in an exam room.  Instantaneously completing patient notes is a workflow plus. 

More Thorough Note

With the simplicity of speaking a patient note, a physician can easily provide details of a patient's history or a customized plan of action, something point and click notes cannot provide. More detailed and accurate communication allows better communication with the patient and insurance companies. It also ensures that the continuity of patient care allowing other healthcare providers valuable information.

Quicker Reimbursement

Having more detailed notes is a proven way to receive faster reimbursements. In order for a medical coder to properly translate the correct codes, sufficient details of the patient visit must be recorded.  All diagnoses and medical procedures must be recorded, coded, and checked for compliance.  Then the bill can be sent to the insurance company or payer. So quicker reimbursement starts with the physician's accurate details in the medical record.

Better Patient Care

Using Dragon provides better patient care by allowing immediate up-to-date information on the patient which can be available to the patient's specialists or to an ER if the patient is suddenly taken there. Complete information prevents delays which allows faster medical care and documenting faster notes allows physicians more time to spend with their patients.

Dragon Medical software is a proven tool to optimize workflow, allowing physicians the ability to complete their notes faster, more thoroughly which leads to quicker reimbursements and better patient care. 

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